Blogs and "Memento"

This will be the last post on this blog. I started it exactly one year ago and this seems an appropriate time to end it. I’ve noticed that the posts at the back of the blog aren’t read and continuing to bury them even further is grating on my nerves.
The title is in reference to the movie “Memento”, a favorite (I enjoy difficult things): as I thought about how to close this blog, I realized why it was necessary, ultimately. Blogs are presented from the most recent to the most distant, as “Memento” was shot front to back. What makes that movie so difficult to understand is the context for the present scene occurs after its presentation making the watcher try to reconstruct the previous scene as he takes in the present one.
Just like a blog.
Those of you who would be interested in seeing the progression of thought in my writing should read it from the last post to the first as they are presented. My topics are typically non-perishable so reading the latest one to keep current isn’t really going to be a concern.
That last reason for ending this blog now is the implication that the older posts are not as good as the newer ones or they would be in the front of the blog. This is not true. Some of the older posts are some of the best, some less so, but all are worth reading or I would have pulled them down.
I will finish up the unattended business of this blog, most notably finishing up the Seven Sonnetts page, and then move on. I’ll post links at My Poetry Blog and Abstract Building, as well as Facebook, for directions to the new blog.
Thanks for reading!!!

All the Best
TVA is the new blog.