"One eye sees Heaven, another eye sees Earth"

Raphaelesque Head Exploding
Salvador Dali
The most stunning thing was said to me this morning by someone who has never misspoken or lied to me. He said, “The America we knew as children, the America we hoped for is gone.” I said nothing in reply. I could think of nothing as argument, could think of nothing to point to.
Truth; as pornography, you know it when you see it.
Just the sheer horror of it, for me, that I could not find anything, that I could not trace or arch the necessary goddess, that I could no longer even be fit for sides of a wagon, that I was only the black, knifing at the sky, with no spring to follow. I am confronted thus.
I have come to believe in synchronicity, that seemingly disparate things are linked by more than their occurrence in the same time, like my friend’s statement happening on a morning that I was reading “In cold hell, in thicket”. Consider: we are in the shallows, still, of the greatest deflationary spiral ever (if you haven’t figured that out yet, wait a few years), in the shallows of the greatest ecological threat in our existence, in a world that still confuses religion and spirituality, led by a government that is bought and sold by the very same Napoleons whose vision of the world consists of more of the same social-Darwinist elitism that has taken this country to bankruptcy and whose narcissism precludes them from both taking responsibility for the failure of their vision to lead and their unwillingness to let others lead, and, most disheartening of all, a general population too misinformed and distracted to care. It would appear that democracy is not compatible with evolution and has been deselected. I know the feeling and it’s most disquieting.
Also synchronous is my friend’s struggle, finding the picture above, the tears it brings to my eyes to see her in such pain, my inability to ease that pain and the frustration it causes me, seeing her dreams and my dreams dying alone, together, and being separated from her because of the economy.
In my book, the caption reads, “Along with the ‘Raphaelesque’ head of the Madonna, it is not only the beautiful illusion of Renaissance painting that is exploded here, but the ideals of an entire culture as well… Dali ‘s intention was to denounce the contemporary period as decadent and materialistic.”
That, also, would be synchronous.