The White Dove of the Desert

The local nickname of Mission San Xavier del Bac is “The White Dove of the Desert” or, more simply, “The White Dove”. Settled in the valley just east of the Tucson Mountain range, surrounded by farm land, it’s plainly visible for many miles in any direction.
Founded by Jesuit Padre Eusebio Francisco Kino in 1622, the church, as it stands today was built by Father Juan Buatista Velderrain and Father Juan Bautista Llorens of the Franciscan order, on the foundations laid in 1700.
Having undergone a full restoration in 1984, the Mission is always in a state of maintenance as can be seen in these photos. Still an active church (and mission), the work must be scheduled around the daily masses.
Located on the To`hono O’`ohdam nation, The San Xavier mission is recognised as the finest example of Mission architecture in the United States.