The Soft Revolution

To be governed is not a natural state of man.
The ability to govern, as created by he founding fathers of this country, is by acclamation, by a democratic voting process that elects representatives to voice the will of the people. This hinges on the agreement that the power to govern is exchanged for the acceptance of that governance. When the time arises that consensus can no longer be achieved, there is no governance, no agreement, and no country.
I am not an anarchist.
I am not a rebel.
I am a pragmatist, similar to those who chose not to stay an English colony, not because I have a vision that I am compelled to, because my vision compels me to engage these times, as they engaged their time, and pragmatically access them. No answer is not an option to a question that must be addressed. Yet for decades, the problems of the people, our country, and this world have massed at the doors of our legislatures to be machinated and spit out with nothing of substance gained. No consensus is possible the people are told, even when there is consensus among the population. There is no governance, no agreement and no country. Though it may call itself a country, without governance it is not.
I call this the soft revolution. Revolution is a frightening term but I can not think of a more appropriate one. Soft in that it is not a violent reaction to the government but many small, silent reactions to the government’s lack of actions on behalf of the people. The problems that are not addressed do not go away, continue to assail the people or linger in the shadows to explode into the headlines, too massive to be dealt with at those times.
Each time a battle is conceded patriots are lost. Those who would have fought along side you, stand beside you to watch the battle lost. You are their leaders: even as you refuse the battle they do not refuse you. They look at you, turn to you and say “With a country so great, how do we lose these battles?” You will not turn to them and admit “It is because I won’t fight.” So they despair and are lost.
And why won’t you fight? It is your battle as much as an other’s though you may not see it as such. You have wrapped yourselves in a fine armor of cynicism that protects you and keeps you from the danger of reality. Why wouldn’t all want that, to be safe? I share my cynicism with you. Discomforting, isn’t it, to see someone as armored as you at your door and to be unsure if I am friend or foe, as I am of you?
I, now, shed that armor and stand before you. You can stay in yours if it still comforts you.
Quoting the poet Charles Olson,”To dream takes no effort/ to think is easy/ to act is more difficult/ but for a man to act after giving thought, this is the most difficult thing of all.”End quote. The necessity of those acts make them all the more difficult and in their difficulty their necessity is revealed.
Necessity is a cat that shows no mercy and neither comes when called or when convenient. It comes to you silently and it thoughts and motivations are its own. I can sympathise with you on the difficulty but can not find mercy in that sympathy. That which is before us all must also before you and must be placed before your interests, your goals, and your needs. That is agreement that binds us as a people, a country and as a world.
I do not bring the revolution. I only point to it, tell you it is upon you and has always been. Fear it, hide from it, run from it if you can. Run from the darkness into the light of God’s own heart and it follows you as the shadow He has given you as surely as He gave you the strength to turn to face it, to see it, know it for what it is: The natural state of man in a battle with time.
We each have the set number of days in our lives that none are wasted. As our seasons change, our shadows grow. We are given the wisdom of the days proceeded that we could look upon our shadows with courage so that the seasons do not change for all. It is the way of our lives that those who cast the smallest shadows should not live in fear of the soft revolution of the Earth beneath the Sun.