Fallen (among light and trees)

So soft spoken
time in your embrace finds me
removed from its grasp
will not whisper
Lidded eyes off, aside,
head floated on my hand,
neck freely given,
has waited for you
you run there
fallen inside you
I have all of you
that I ever can
that you are,
that tremble to a budded leaf
expecting breeze
the sensation on skin
finally, you run there
that orchard of a girl
in autumn’s light
so softly spoken
the leaves underfoot
that only apple
floats in your hand
you would share
if not alone
and a child
that rustle of leaves
a whisper of wind
time to be home
while there is light
turning your gaze back
to linger in the sun’s
warm wash on your cheeks
time to be home
where I am
you smile