Not a reference to the movie rating system, PG as I am defining it is Personal Generation, a concept of electrical generation occurring on the micro scale. Currently, electricity is mass produced at large generating stations and transmitted over lines to the end user. During this process, 30-50% of the energy is lost in the grid, proportional to the length of the transmission.
Is this the best we can do? No, but it is the easiest way to extract profit from the system and large, wealthy corporations are going to fight tooth and nail to keep it this way. Interesting isn’t it, that the “green tech” are all large scale installations, solar and wind “farms” that will still have to battle the same grid losses that are wasting so much energy now?
Small scale solar, wind, and JTEC (when it becomes available)would be a much more logical solution and waste far less of the captured energy in the grid. The end user is also the producer and, in some instances, could be a closed system. I don’t see much progress on this front. I wonder why?
There is a solution for the grid loss issue, though still in its infancy. MIT has developed a wireless transmitter/receiver they call a “magnetically coupled resonant antenna”. Different from Tesla’s version, this is focused in one direction, to one coupled antenna and has virtually no losses. As this tech is developed wires could become obsolete. Never heard of it, have you? I wonder why?
As with most things in this society, money controls the conversation, technology, and the government. The solutions are out there now and in the future but there’s too much money to be made in the dirty present.