Thank you, Erin Burnett

Those of you that know me, know I love Erin Burnett. Something about her just gets me in my getting place (another favorite line from “No Country for Old Men”). CNBC seems to like sending her to dangerous places like Somalia, Iraq, Nigeria and Meet the Press. Always exciting to watch.
I have to acknowledge a debt to her. Over the weekend, I impulsively joined Twitter without fully conjugating the verbiage of my actions. On yesterdays Squawk on the Street, she exposed the error of my ways by stating the past perfect tense of twit is… well, you get the idea. Not that I have anything against that, some very nice people have tw-t. I just want to avoid any confusion; I am committed already in one direction, blogging, and it’s bad enough that I blog poetry. I’m now in the process of detw-tting myself, something I never thought I’d have to say. The damage that has been done I’ll have to learn to live with. I have tw-t.
I’ve noticed people starting to refer to her as EB (as I did in a post)and she went to Williams, so EB the Ephie?
Please no hate mail.