The Music of the Spheres

Those of you who know me, also know what a big fan I am of the
JTEC concept. Obviously it suffers from the same flaw that has rendered the “fuel cell” a non-player as far as future development is concerned, however, operating @ 90+% of the Carnot cycle, has potential the fuel cell can only envy. Hydrogen just doesn’t like to stay put (like a certain friend of mine). Perhaps a stern talking to would suffice. (Don’t they know how important they are?)
Or an active beryllium matrix (in a constant “agitated” state[ you feelin’ me?]), though Steve says cobalt. He’s much more pragmatic than I am, I’m just an idealist. We do agree, it takes a thief to stop a thief, though the size of the crime ring is my primary concern.
No, I’m not just going to tell you. And try not to shoot yourself in the foot like last time.
A couple of years ago, Steve and I were talking about the next big thing and he pops off with piezos (WTF, dude?) and just leaves it hanging out there like I supposed to say “Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.” After a couple of seconds of uncomfortable silence, we went our separate ways, but I never forgot that statement; so bizarre, surreal, like seeing Sarah McLaughlin clubbing a baby seal (she is Canadian so you know she wants to).
I kid ’cause I love.
During my morning ritual of surfing new and unusual porn sites (you know, from a certain perspective, the Internet really is just a “series of tubes”: depending on the sites one frequents, I can see how Senator Ted got confused.) I stumbled across this which I have to admit stopped me dead in my tracks in a way porn just can’t anymore (one becomes jaded after awhile.) I that recalled that conversation, then started thinking about Sarah, so lovely in that cowl necked sweater, wind in her hair, the first, faint chill of autumn in the air…
I’m so distractable I wonder how I get anything done at all.
Tiny’s cool and all, but think large scale and long wave vibration. Work backwards from gravity. Come on man, I’m not going to give it to you…
Steve, you’re kind of a prick sometimes, but I almost always am, that may just be the way we function. I got beryllium and plasma thing.
Kiss my ass.