It’s All One Thing (or Jello and Cake)

I love to throw that phrase, it’s all one thing, about. I’m such a simple being I feel compelled to try to reduce the enormity of the universe to a single phrase or concept so I can just say the one thing that would imply the rest of existence or just to summarize it and move on to something else (unsure at this moment exactly what that would be, but the desire remains.)
So, you probably guessed by now, I want to write about unified field theory (Not Unified Field Theory, the theory itself) and the implications of that kind of thought. Just suppose there was a verified universal theory encompassing creation, demise, and all that lay between. What would that mean, how could that be useful?
Current field unification theory revolves around string theory, essentially that matter is composed of energy strings that are bound in the core of atomic (or sub-atomic if you must go there) particles, the vibrational energy giving a particular nature to the particles, atoms, molecules, etc until you work your way back out to real world that we experience with our senses. String theory fits the available evidence but is inelegant, typically the kiss of death for a science theory. Remember people used to think the world was governed by multiple gods each with particular realms and powers because that fit the available evidence at the time. Almost no one believes in poly-deism currently, although there is a certain division of labor capability to it that is intriguing. Even religions that have sub-deities all have a main one. I suspect most people are like me, just wanting one thing to explain it all.
Let’s presuppose the theory, assume that string theory is correct or that another theory comes along that explains the universe completely. What does our reality look like?
Well, it’s all one thing.
We’re pretty confident about matter/ energy, thanks to Einstein, so let’s start there. Matter and energy are just different expressions of each other, matter being more normal to us in our experience, energy being more of a phenomenon in our lives because we are made up of matter, at least as far as our senses can tell us, but matter is energy so we are energy masquerading as matter.
How does energy become matter? Really the crux of the question, in my opinion. Energy evolves, for lack of a better word, into matter according to the vibrational energy of the strings that compose it. Think of strings as DNA strands that evolve over time/ space, adapting to their environment, starting as part of one mass of energy (could just as easily be a mass of matter, you know) that is being pulled in on itself by gravitational forces (an expression of electro-magnetic forces, therefore an expression of energy itself, as part of the as yet still un-Unified Field Theory)until it becomes unstable and explodes outward, the Big Bang. (Remember we are assuming the completion of the the Theory)
So, we are at this point left with space/ time and energy/ matter. The duality seems untidy to me; I suspect that they are expressions of each other, that they are really all one thing or they would eventually become one or the other, evolve into the other, and if they evolve into each other aren’t they the same thing?
The real question becomes, assuming God, is God bored or lonely? Are we acting out this play for His amusement or to become a consciousness on par with His, an equal that He can spend eternity with?
There will always be room in the equation for God, just like there’s always room for Jello.

(RE: the inevitable “God” static. When I use the term God, I’m not subscribing to any other notion or concept of a universal consciousness other than my own, which I’m now realizing is amazingly egotistical and surprisingly blasphemous at the same time. I’m just saying it’s an interesting juxtaposition. In order for me to follow one religion it would have to describe God back to me just as I would experience Him, which is on its face impossible because we all experience the world and God in it differently. To follow any dogma not of my own creation would put my God on Procrustes’ bed, to stretch or truncate Him to fit that dogma, a concept I find distasteful and I doubt if God is any more fond of it than I am. Religions do allow for mass actions on their behalf, however, allow for people to be separated into followers and other, for political uses, so there is that. So “God” as I am using the term is a universal consciousness that fits my experience in the world.
These things one must do to talk physics and metaphysics at the same time.
So, my atheist scientist friends let me run my concepts down for you and let you choose one: the universe is all one thing, which must also include consciousness. Consciousness is part of the physical makeup of the universe, right? Or does it magically come into being with man’s creation (evolution, potato,pototo) and disappear with man? Part of the process or magic? If it’s part of the process, it comes from somewhere and it goes somewhere just like everything else, or is it “magic” like something, I don’t know, God would do? Is consciousness baked into the cake of the universe, or is it special, magic cake just for us and not for the universe? I’m good either way, I just love cake.
I know some jackass out there is going to say we can’t prove that reality isn’t an illusion. I know because I used to be that jackass and I never got cake. All I can say is as illusions go, this one is damn good, one of the best I’ve ever seen, almost as good as that one my ex-wife pulled on me for a couple of years. I am a bit of a chump, sometimes.)