The Impatient Shrink

So, you’re sad: tell me about that. No, wait, let me tell you about it.
You’re regretful about the past or apprehensive about the future or both. In the past, you can only remember happy times you can not relive, so regret, or unhappy times you can not change, so regret. Regret now, and in the future regret the time you spent regretting, or live now. The future will come for you whether you fear it or not, so live now. Right now, you are letting those things ruin your life moment by moment. You can’t control the past or future but you are in complete control of now.
I can’t make you happy. I can keep you from being sad however. If you have something to do, go do it and do your least favorite task first; all the others will seem easy by comparison. If you don’t have anything to do, busy your mind with one of the world’s many problems and try to come up with a solution. If you’re thinking sad thoughts it means you mind is ready to work but your not challenging it.
If you’re drinking or taking drugs, knock it off. Just because your friends can handle it doesn’t mean you can. Accept this.
Take a piece of chocolate and get out of my office. We went a little over so 2 minutes @ $300/hour =$10. Pay the receptionist on your way out and don’t let the door hit you in the ass. If you can afford to throw away that kind of money on me, you could actually do some good in this world, get to it. A message to you from me and the world: Piss off, you’re messing up our ch’i.
Suck it up, cowboy(girl).