Van Gogh’s "A Pair of Shoes"

Two shoes, traveling the same path and bearing the same load, worn differently. Curiously, we have higher expectations of people than even our shoes can deliver. The pain that comes from attachment when it inevitably fails. Van Gogh painted shoes several times; this is the last painting he did before abandoning the “dark” palate for the brighter, more surreal delivery he is more famous for. If I understand the metaphor, assuming there is one and this is more than a picture of shoes which it also is, I prefer the sadness and destruction, the fatigue in this version. I prefer the honesty of this version.
Last Sunday, I put on an old pair of shoes that I hadn’t worn for about 6 months. I was surprised how out of balance I was in them. Had I changed so much in so little a time? I wore them for about an hour and was glad to take them off.
I must say, I look back at what I wrote 6 months ago and am much more comfortable with that than the shoes from 6 months ago. There is a progression starting from that point that is still pleasing to me, looking back to the beginning. That is my current pair of shoes, to complete the metaphor, and they’re far from worn out.
Yet, I have a dozen pairs of old shoes laying around that I won’t wear and won’t throw out. Maybe I’m too sentimental.
On the other hand, I’ve burned at least 3 books of my poetry and I don’t miss them in the slightest. What does that mean?
I want to apologise for the previous post “The Citadel”, but I’m not going to take it down either. It points out things I think we all realize and prefer to not deal with or have shoved in our faces. If it made you uncomfortable, I’m sorry. Not everyone likes the old version of “A Pair of Shoes”, most prefer the brighter version. On the off-chance it was instructive, I’m leaving it up.
I’m cranky and I need a haircut. Not sure the two things are related but both are true.