I battle Einstein for you, my love

If one believes Einstein, and I do to the extent that I understand him, all bodies are in motion tangentially to each other by the sum of their shared attraction determined by their gravity (a function largely of their composition.) I’m finding corollaries to this in my personal life.
As I’ve grown older I feel less involved in the world and more tangentially attached to it. Whether I’ve devolved from it or it from me, we have evolved away from each other and I find it harder and harder to find more than an incidental connection to it.
All things being equal, it comes down to the make up of myself and this world, this life. These people I’m involved with are drawn to me and I to them by who they are, the composition of them life has made. I expect that attraction will naturally grow stronger as we are revealed to each other, ignoring other forces, other attractions, acting on us.
Consider the stars: of the billions, trillions of stars, very few are binary, so perfectly balanced to each other that they revolve around themselves, ignoring other forces. The assumption would be that as they age they would fall into each other and coalesce.
But very few are binary.
Most live out their lives in the void feeling the pull of those around them, driven by forces beyond their control, alone. A person looks to the sky, sees constellations, assumes relationships, but they are independent stars moving through their processes. As ages pass, constellations blur and change.
You and I are not stars, dumb matter, process in a vacuum. They are as they can only be even with another attracted. We sense the truth in the eternal is that beyond space and time, and there Einstein refused to venture.