Cactus Flower

That cup of fire that you are

(Cactus flower
birds to the shape
bees to the scent
fly blind at you

the necessity of it

Are instinct upon you
no beauty to them
no thought of you
to them you are as they

That light, heat,
not captured, conquered, not merely reflection
the flesh of you tender to touch
tender as only a man would know
the expression of your being.

(They are blind to you.)

You are mine or lost.
That which you have become
that holy light of you
not captured, conquered, not merely reflected
is for me only.

It is from the desert,
(It does not forgive.)
That scant rain,
(It cares not.)
The turn of days,
(Here and lost)
that you are given.
Each rain I know you will come
(the life of it)
each oppressive day after
I anticipate you
and as you flower
am filled
each oppressive day before forgotten.
However much I hold you in memory
However much I wish you were mine

(Others steal their fraction
as they are compelled.
as you wilt, on to the next.

The necessity of life.)

You do not stay for me
can not linger in that holy light
that I am meant to see.
I burn through days
(the necessity of it)
I pray for rain
(the life of it)
I bear the turn of days
(the necessity of life)
for it brings that holy light
they will not see
and I am filled.