An Adoration

When one seeks beauty, it is communion with God most perfect,
That pure prayer of the soul that would only resonate in Heaven’s bowers.
When one would speak and so deny that which is in most perfect creation given,
When one would see and so deny that which light and vision marry,
When one would feel and so deny that for which adoration is born unto this world,
Then one turns back blind to this world having lost sight of God
It is then a man must truly know despair
having that back turned, that beauty denied.
It is in the shadow of that beauty that a man’s redemption awaits
having confronted thus that shade with pure and open heart.
In the shadow of beauty a fuller beauty awaits.

How could that which comforts you,
which supports your most contemplative thoughts,
which gives you rest from your labors,
which forever as your shadow must dwell,
how could the light of Heaven that casts that shadow so,
that light from the very heart of God that would have you so defined,
in these how could there be fault found?
No, I say it is in the callow heart of man that shrinks from thee.

(This is taken out of context from a letter. I think standing alone, it sits quite nicely, don’t you?)