Life on Earth

Whether you believe in evolution or creation, one fact agrees with both: Man was meant to live on this Earth. The problems that we are bringing to crisis level are the result of our inability to come to harmonious, symbiotic relationship with our environment.

These problems did not start with industrialization, they only accelerated and broadened.
Those toxins that poison this planet are universally brought up from beneath the top layer of this world, the layer we have evolved to live in harmony with. Our situation is not a flaw in evolution or divine plan.
These mined elements come at a cost to the biosphere beyond the cost of their extraction. They are not free and, overall, perhaps not even cost effective if there is an alternative available topically (on the land). I am not so deluded to think that this will be an instantaneous switch but these considerations must be factored into future plans. As generations pass, we would evolve back into balance and sustainability with nature.
We are in the middle of our process on this Earth. It is time to truly look at where we are, what brought us to this point, and then have the courage and fortitude to address these issues. We have not yet reached the point of no return but we can see it on the horizon.
I was reading in a science journal that there is a scarcity of the ingredients to make gunpowder coming. Who is to say if that is true or whether someone is trying to drive up the price of it up but it is hard to imagine a world with no gunpowder, isn’t it?
Yet, someday that will be true.
We will at some point run out of everything we bring up from below and at that point made the world toxic to our being. The Earth will do its part again and over eons will resort the biosphere.
Life will go on. Man’s life in that scenario is less certain unless we participate with the natural forces of this world to cleanse this planet and come to a balanced existence on this Earth.
We can no longer afford the waste of war in human terms nor in the impact the machinery of war have on this world. I think it is more than coincidence that ore was first refined as materials for weaponry. It is a necessity that we begin now to find non-violent resolutions of all conflicts on the personal and national scales. It has become fundamental to our continued existence.
We are meant to be here but, perhaps, not if we can’t live in peace.