That Shiny Thing

Ultimately, the mind sees light;
its neural paths judge
as it has learned beauty
despite what senses sell it.

The mind can also choose
not to see light
when it surrounds senses,
beauty everywhere
it chooses darkness.
So bright beauty given to me,
so compelled by it am I,
that darkness I visit,
that differential of the sensed and the experienced
is our bond.
That shiny thing
for all light and eyes
all minds grasp
all souls crave
my darkness denies
and you are most beautiful.

So you come to me in your darkness
another would shine
for all minds to grasp
for all souls to crave
and you think you see it as I would see it.
You think me compelled
so bright is beauty shown to me
that I would turn from you in your darkness.
I say to you
see now the differential of my senses and my experience
and see our bond
as your mind chooses darkness
to relearn beauty.