That Image (burned on my eyes this night)

Not so distant as the sun
this cold of sky
sea stream river
in the fall of night
on the far mountain’s edge
the deeper blue
before stars,
deep set
Their light has traveled from before man.
I am here only to see them now.
The black of night, not night
I see love
the deeper blue
the black of love. the deeper blue
I feed this darkness my flame
as every night, defiant
to this pitch, only
this cold of sky
throws down the fire of Heaven
that a man might know to burn
and what is the little fire.
[Okay. Enough with the questions-“This means something, right?” “Just one hint what you’re talking about.” Or my favorite “Nice description of the sky”. I really wasn’t trying to be obtuse but maybe that’s just natural for me. So line by line:
This a poem about a woman with blue eyes.
She is standing away from me but”not so distant as the sun”
The light blue of her eyes remind me of “this cold of sky” (as light blue as) “sea stream river rain”
“in the fall of night” (literal)
“the far mountains edge” (literal- as the sun sets, to the east just above the mountain’s edge)
(the sky turns) “the deeper blue” (as night falls her pupils dilate making her irises a deeper blue than before)
“before stars, deep set stars” (literally before the stars come out. Figuratively, the light from the setting sun reflected off her pupils)
Then next two lines are literal modifications of the stars statement.
“The black of night” (I assume her eyes are dilated from the low light) “not night”
“I see love”(literal)
“the black of love” (her pupils are dilated because she likes me)
That explains “the deeper blue”
The rest is about making love, about the return of passion surpassing the expectation, and the measure of a man’s full passion measured against a woman’s full passion.
Sorry I was vague, but now that you know it makes sense, right?]
Ps. Because of the limitations of the formats available on Blogger, this poem is much harder to read then it should be. It is a open field poem, ala Charles Olson, and is set up in three fields- the first the body of the poem (the first vertical column) Reading “Not so distant as the sun/this cold of sky/in the fall of night/on the far mountain’s edge/before stars,/deep set/ stars,/the black of night/not night/the black of love./I feed this darkness my flame/ as every night ,defiant/ to this pitch, only/ this cold of sky/throws down the fire of Heaven/that a man might know to burn/and what is the little fire. The third vertical column is the repetition of the phrase “the deeper blue” the second column is set up as modifiers of the phrases in the first column. As I become more proficient on Blogger I hope to re post this in proper form- it really is better.