For my Friend who worries too much

Stay curled up on your bed
as a cat on your lap
and should you not sleep
do not think.
Only answer the door for food,
and the phone never,
pay for the food with exact change
and exact tip
and exact smile.

When friends come to pound on your door
to see what has become of you
sit with them or send them away
but let your mind be curled up and away.
Soon they will stop.

Never let your speech become the soup on your shirt.
Whether it complements your outfit or not
they will notice the soup.

I know you my friend.

At night you crucify
the misplaced moment
the misled word
and yourself with them.

The world knows it can hurt you
so it does
and tells itself it’s alive
but dead-souled.
So stay safe always
or fight it to exhaustion
and maybe sleep
or a pill.

You recriminate yourself only.
The world points to it
and you accept it,
accepting them as greater than they are
and you.

If I bring you any power
I bring you this:
You are curled on my lap
and I am around you fully.
You tell me this and look at my face.
I say it’s wrong and you know its true.
We uncurl and are alive again.

The world disappears.
The world is us.

(What She Said)

What she said to me
I may be the only person to annotate.

I am naked for you,she said
Before all and only for you.
Startling, stark, simple,
a natural, unconscious statement
of self and selflessness
that is life to me always.

You know me my friend.

She said
I give, I am open
I wait and lose my life
for you
What I am is yours
We are immortal
We are only
There is no world
no distance between
No border, dimension, force
and have always been expectant of each other to arrive
and be the world for the other.

Lucky Time, we give this moment to you:
We can not keep it for ourselves.
It is all life we will know and already past.
May Time be insatiable for us
and devour us together.