Clifton, AZ May 2005

I was at their employ, at their door
music I’d never known
soft in the distance
her steps towards me
heard me coming
pale blue eyes winking at the corners
“Come in, its open” of course
shapeless house dress green-brown hair down
single braid
I felt vast and empty as she transposed herself upon me.
Skeletons on the chain-link and dancing bears on her car
they always seem so happy.
Where I’m from its all noise and war
here it’s silent not even birds
it’s midday
No tea, thanks but how thoughtful to ask
then the spartan room full of crafts
crushes me too much too many thoughts
stop slow down don’t rush through
how deliberate each object hand-made
how calculating the effect that was random, effortless
she had no idea how stunning
stupefying dream catchers
aching quilts
portraits without borders, unhung
rainbows strewn from beveled windows
falling on yarn sticks pieces patches
cat on the couch-back
silent but the tail
“Don’t worry about the door, he won’t run away.”