I am for You

As I stride towards you
purposeful, direct, resolute,
my eyes are ever upon you
quick, cunning, playful,
deep as the Forrest and like hued.
I feel the wind about me,
against me, smoothed past me
as the sea is broken by a bow.
My shoulders have borne me over lakes,
my chest flattened waves;
the wind is over matched.
My legs are reflex;
they have seen the blur of grass
till breath cowered, shaking in my lungs,
and when re-emboldened, humbled again.
My skin is brown as bark and
my hair turned golden
as it steals from the sun
that so covets the glistening labors
of my body on this Earth.
I have sought that pain to become what I am:
slim as lightning, thunder-bold on your ears,
I am a field grown wild and mad with life.
No common nature will stop me
as I stride to you.

As each day breaks
I carry, effortlessly, the common life
lived uncommonly.
I have known the despair deep as any man
and always driven it from me:
it knows me by sight and slinks away.
Each common moment was bled
for nuance, substance, essence;
examined until its nature was revealed
and put in its place.
I expect of this world:
rise up to me and explain yourself!
Why are you less than my dreams,
my children’s dreams?
Silence will not stay me,
I will be upon you till you reply and repent.
I have known hard labor, I do not fear it.
My body has no ache left for it.
I have met hard men, I do not admire them.
I will not hide my heart from this world.
As each day breaks,
as I stride towards it,
I am for you.