are all we have for each other
unique and alive as we are
in our conception of them
falling still on paper and others ears.
No words
will bring this world alive
to you from me
and no words from you can do the same.
I know of certain truths
that can be spoken of
using our only approximations of life,
our words.
Peace in our souls,
the nexus of all consciousness
over which the noise of this world proceeds,
distracting us from the true nature of our existence.
the singular perception of life
given to each person;
a unique world experienced individually
expressing itself through sensation
interpreted, sometimes clouded,
by our knowledge of this world
taught to us.
I will tell you this
no power on this Earth
can keep you from Joy
if you seek it.
It is the birthright of every person
and awaits, for you,
at the communion of your silent soul
and pure unconscious perception
of the wonder of the world.
I will also tell you
no power on this Earth
will bring Joy to you.
It is a misperception that joy comes from the world
into you,
Joy can only come out of you
into the world.
The same is true of peace.
I have often spoken of peace
being the background of life
awaiting all who will seek it.
It is truly the only knowledge of this world necessary
to enjoy the world.
It is the unconscious, unburdened state of mind
that Adam and Eve had in the Garden of Eden
before the fall from grace.
The story goes when they ate from the Tree of Knowledge
they fell from grace, from Eden, from Joy.
What man has done
he has done,
but by the grace of that which is our birthright,
we can reclaim our Peace,
our Eden,
our Joy,
and bring it out of ourselves into this world.