As I Find You

When placed upon your head to rest
the pillow,soft, then compressed
trying to force its way to your brain.
Your ache, your pain,
your fear all those things you held dear
never were, or have fled
like cowards you never thought they were
when you dreamt them as solid, pristine, pure.
As ghosts appearing and falling away
at day breaking freshly again your heart
you silence to begin in the solid world
you see from where you are
sadder still.
I can’t take you to those dreams,
they are yours and what they mean
to you are yours and God’s to share.
I only say my heart is broken
those dreams of ours are never spoken
of in this world, except, at best,
that in a better world they rest
and if you do as you are told
you’ll find them there drenched in gold.
Do they think I’ m a child?
“Don’t like your dinner, eat it anyway,
it’s good for you, then dessert and play.”
Through tears, all tastes like ashes
whether child or grown, nothing passes
in from this world, unless you knew
to tell yourself it’s good for you.