The Hallucinogenic Toreador by Salvador Dali


Blogs and "Memento"

This will be the last post on this blog. I started it exactly one year ago and this seems an appropriate time to end it. I’ve noticed that the posts at the back… Continue reading

The Seven Sonnetts

Transcendence of Form. I recently wrote “A Crown of Sonnetts” both as an expression of admiration and as a proof of mastery of form. When I was reading my art history texts, I… Continue reading

Of One and Another

Once, just once, it was said to me by another,knowing neither you nor I, nor loving the same,that the child of ours that stares back from these pageswith angel’s eyes, speaking those simple… Continue reading

"How Did You Sleep?"

Some soft sweet spoken concernechoes up the well of nightto find upon my earsthe day upon my eyes.As in a field warmed as sun,awakened, not to glare of light,to cerulean sky. As music… Continue reading

Meditation on Frequency and Interval of Selective Hearing in Bombus Digressus.

That, which is as it has always been for youand is to you most common,That is as good but not betterthan an other’s you might choose,That, which in your modesty,is only as it… Continue reading

My Nature (Triangulated from you and the present moment) presented as a postulate

My nature is, in all ways, similar to itself. I am so fully alive, in love with you my world(that does not let me speak your name from fearthat round the one solid,… Continue reading


I am restless among the still things of this world.None move as I do, see the world and tell it that it is alive,none bear me as I bear themand, though moved, are… Continue reading

The Parabolica

As the future is not given, known or assured,we have but two points to see this life,and in that breadth, that direction,the arc of love connects time.In each instant, our lives play out,our… Continue reading

"One eye sees Heaven, another eye sees Earth"

Raphaelesque Head Exploding by Salvador Dali Listen first The most stunning thing was said to me this morning by someone who has never misspoken or lied to me. He said, “The America we… Continue reading